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My main blog is not on DW, so I mostly write on diary.ru (Tales of, RL, children, anime, figures, ets), though all in Russian.
But I x-post some post into my DW in English too. )

Main fandom: Tales of Phantasia, Tales of Xillia, Tales of Xillia 2
Minor fandom: Tales of Rebirth, Tales of the Abyss, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Albiore-V" projects:
Tales of Phantasia
Katararezaru Rekishi (a novel about Dhaos and the Four Heroes, who defeated him in the Past) - summary + transcript + scans [wip].

Tales of Xillia
Talesfo Xillia Fan's Bible: scans, photo (a page may be scaned after request, but not every page).

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And sorry for my Enlish. >__<
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Tales of Xillia 2 Perfect Guide / テイルズオブエクシリア2パーフェクトガイド
Catalog No.     NEOBK-1424160
ISBN         9784047287464
Release Date:     February 01, 2013

I’ve took a pics of the book and finally uploaded it. Not scan! But better than nothing, though. =)

Ch. 1 - SYSTEM
Ch. 2 - MAP
Ch. 4 - QUEST
Ch. 5 - DATA
Ch. 6 - EXTRA

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~~~~~ Good quality (300dpi + cleaning-editing) ~~~~~

P. 48-53
Was scanned for

Download (.rar, 39MB, 6p)

As separated pages: 48 49 50 51 52 53

Elise Lutus and Tipo
p. 54-61

Download (.rar, 24MB, 8p)

As separated pages :
Elise: 01 02 03 04 05 06
Tipo 01 02

~~~~~ Low quality (300dpi without cleaning-editing) ~~~~~

Leia Rolando
01 02 03 04 05 06

p. 98-100
01 02 03
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I've finished transcribing of the Tales of Xillia Short Story; Side Wingull from the TOX Fan's Bible. Asakfdjgh jhkfdjhg Nils!!!
I do not think I am able to write a good summary, at least, not right now. My Japanese is VERY bad, so... It is just a script. But more than nothing.

It is a story about Rein Londau (Wingull) and his close friend Nils Freeden.
About their childhood and the battle of Faizabard. About Rein's father's death and the conversation with Gaius on a hill before the cancelled battle in Mon Highlands, when Rein desided that Londau tribe had surrender to Gaius and then he became his subordinate and took the name "Wingull".
The story about booster research, about Wingull's desire to take a great power in his arms and about the booster experiments in the Liberi Research Institute.
About Elise Lutus and the time when Nils had met her in the Institute, took an interest in her and became her friend.
About the events happend a year before the game, when Nils died defending Elise and other children from the Institute.

Rein Londau, Nils Freeden
Wings of Reminiscence

Download (scans + script) rar, 26MB
Scans online: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07

Read the whole script of the Short Story )

P.S.: Please, let me know, if you found any mistakes!
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I've found it but the better image of the whole worldmap is lol.

Sometime I think I should create worldmap by myself using some screencups. Perhaps. Or perhaps not.
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My scanner is hopless now and unable to do a good scans (a mean that drops and dust). But it's still better than photos.

Was scanned for iseabail08.
Source: Tales of Xillia Fan’s Bible (p. 074-096)

Source: Tales of Xillia Fan's Bible (p. 074-096)

Download the whole archive (.rar, 24 pages, 180MB)

Or open as separated pages:
Gaius 01 02 03 04 05 06
Wingull 01 02 03
Presa 01 02 03
Jao 01 02 03
Agria 01 02 03
Musee 01 02 03 04 05 06
ay_16r: Leia from Tales of Xillia 2. (Leia O__O)
My netbook has broken down. Again.
I name it "Rein" when it'll be restored. lol In Russian it sounds "riin" anyway.

Idk how can I fininsh the transcript of the "Side Wingull", it's a pain to do something with my old netbook.
Oh, Nils, I'm sorry. (
But, thanks to Iseabail, I've post the first 3 pages of the story yesterday (that entry wasn't shown on Reading Pages cause it was incomplete): read p.1-3.

Edit: the transcript of the p. 4 done, posted in comments. So much Gaius-ingull and Nils-Wingull! 
Follow the link. =)
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I't from TOX Fan's Bible.

Wingull's birth name means "reincarnation" in ancient languige.
If I understand this phrase correctly, of course.

And his birth name is not "Lin" and is not "Rin". It's "Rein", from "reincarnation".
Isn't that so?

Btw, I started to work with a script of the "Side Wingull". A week or two - and we'll have a transcript of the story.
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I've took a pics of each page from this book. And they'are generally readable. I didn't see scans of this book ever, and it may be better than nothing for somebody.

I can scan some pages, so feel free to request.

A few pages as an example of contents of the book:

9 pics in preview )

DOWNLOAD Tales of Rebirth Final Maniacs. Callegea. Record of personal experiences. photo, not scan!
Ch 1 .rar, ~105 MB
Ch 2 .rar, ~110 MB
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New year holidays are over. Finally.
Guests = relations who came to us every day, celebration of the New Year and Christmas (that was at Jan 7th in the Gregorian calendar that is used in the Orthodox Church), my aunt who lived with us last week, so much intercourse, so little my own free time...
This week was really good, but I so tired!

In spite of all that happend I was still able to do a foolish things. lol
That a stupid fangirl! XD
I saw some figeres and charms from Tales of Series Ichiban Kuji in Saku's tumblr, so... So I found the whole set of F-prize Rudogaaaaaaaaa! *___* and the whole set of H-prize Yuriiiiii! I'm not really an Yuri-fangirl, but that petit-figure is very cute, it's cutest than GSC nendroid-petit imho and his gase is so poignant. on yahoo and wrote my intermediary. But lol I contrived to confuse a links before buying and he buyed an incomplete F-prize! A Ludger-charm was not included! orz Bakabakabaka! Then the intermediary found the whole F-prize to me, of course. But I'll have 2 unnecessary charms (Jude and Elle). Idk what to do with them.

As a result I'm on the rocks now, so if I ask myself about a new earrings/jeans/ets this winter I'll say myself "Hey, you're an idiot, don't you like this charms and figures?". XD

Btw, if somebody needs something from Jp but he/she don't know how to buy it, I can give my intermediary's e-mail, this guy says he can work with Europe and USA as well. Goods from LalabitMarket or prizes from yahoo (if it's not a single petit figure/charm) can be purchased at a lower price than the same on ebay.
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The same pose. Tne same gaze.

Bamko, why din't you give her a voice? = [
I guess it should sound like Mirald's voice.
Neeeed Drama CD.

And Rowen write a mail in his GHS so fast! Wow! Cause he has an intensive training since that time when he wrote a first mail to Marcia lol.
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I can't post TOX-scans into namco_tales. Looks like my SUMMER entry with scans of Katararezaru Rekishi has not been rejected. It is STLL NOT passed moderation.
Hey, what's going on?!
Icons-posts and sell-posts are allowed immediately but posts with scans are not allowed at all?
Moderator of the community didn't answer my letters that I've sent him last summer. = [
Any ideas how to help with it, please?

And TOX2 Wold Guidance is preorderable now. I'm waitig it on amiami or hlj to preorder.
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I received the book yesterday, and TOX Perfect Guide as well, but the post not about TOX PG lol.
That's amazing book!
So much colored illustration and information about characters and game! Really Fan's Bible, lol.
And 4 short stories about The Fauves! *__*
I'll finally can know who is Nils Freeden. Say "hello, finereader". lol

I've scanned all of the short stories (Side Wingull, Side Jao, Side Presa and Side Agria). ^__~
Download! .rar, 33p, 117MB

And I've also took a photograph of every page of the Fan's Bible. NOT SCANS!
Readable _a_bit_. But it's useful for somebody who are interested in a contents of the book.
Download! .rar, 128p, 170MB

Btw, if somebody is interested about it: I can scan some pages from the book (NOT the whole book, NOT a pages with illustration only, sorry orz). Just say me name of photo and I try to do it. ^__~

Moar scans! =)
7 Mb

Wingull-sensei's private lesson =) (aka Londau language pages):

My scanner is hopless now and unable to do a good scans (a mean that drops and dust). But it's still better than photos.

Was scanned for iseabail08.
Source: Tales of Xillia Fan’s Bible (p. 074-096)

Source: Tales of Xillia Fan's Bible (p. 074-096)

Download the whole archive (.rar, 24 pages, 180MB)

Or open as separated pages:
Gaius 01 02 03 04 05 06
Wingull 01 02 03
Presa 01 02 03
Jao 01 02 03
Agria 01 02 03
Musee 01 02 03 04 05 06
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Why Lion again?!
Release of the set will be tomorrow... We preordered it two month ago with my friends, can't wait!
But if the secret figure was Ludger it would be better imo.

I've become a figures fan... T__T
And I've preorded some sets of anounced figures and charms (except of TOX-TOX2 set of mascots, I want Gaius's bonus figure, so I have to preorder it from MOVIC's shop, but my intermediary says it will available only a 2 month before the release). *__*

My husband is too kind with me. He thinks nothing good about my new hobby, but he still agrees to pay for it. *o*
ay_16r: Elle from Tales of Xillia 2. (Elle smile)

They are so adorable!
"Milla Episode 2" is very cute, in spite of she had punch him again.
Only yersterday I didn't think I could ship Ludger with somebody, but now I love them as a couple. And I like how she take notice that his necktie was loose. It was like a family scene.

TOX2 spoiler )
Bamco, you are very cruel with all of them!

Yeah, I still watch the game, not play.
And I have to write a post about everything that was happend, but I have no time now. One day I will. )

P.S.: Woodnyaw-cat has Gaius's voice. lollollol
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I've watched "Thor" yesterday, thanks to Amihan. ))
Yeah, I'm slowpoke, I know. XD
Anthony Hopkins and the elders of Asgard - *__*

The next will be "Avengers", I think. After "Aquarion".

BTW, I've learned that "Sacred 3" was announced as PS3-game (besides PC) and "Sacred 2" was realised for PS3 platform to. Good news! It's means I'll finish the 2nd (I've dropped it a year ago, becouse our PC placed in the room where our children were sleeping and I couldn't play at night) and play 3rd in 2013-2014.
Anyway I'll bying PS3 for TOX, so why not.

Now I going to assault The Tower of Druaga. I don't how how many floors I can walk through in a 2 hours until my children will wake up.
I have to finish TOD next weak, though I'm not sure in my capability to this, lol.
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Weather is wonderful: the air is cold, the wind is fresh and light, the sky is clear and blue, and the sun is so warm... Autumn! Though trees are still green, it's realy autumn! *__*
View from my balcony (today's morning).
Here )

If you go to sleep at 21:00 when your children go bed, you have a chance wake up at 5:00.
And you can watch something beautiful in the morning.
Something like Interstella5555.
I'm not a fan of Draft Punk's music, but old anime stile is amazing!
Trailer of Interstella5555 instead of picspam. It's beautiful! )
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New music video by Hatsisu: Dhaos, Winona, Dios, Meltia, Dio, Mel, Norn, Martel, Cruru and Rondoline. Download.
It's a funny video, but it most funniest if you can read Japan.
LOL-content! )

And Dhaos with a fish + Secundes by Hatomane! Download lol
LOL-content! )

I had to sleep last night, but... Anyway, now we have all permissions of different translators who maked a subtitles for TOS OVA-3 ep2! Now we can translate it into Russian!
I have to finish a sub's timing tonight and await a script from our translator, then we can shared it.
Can't say it is a nice deed, but I don't know how long a team who subbed "The United World ep 1" will be waiting a soft-sub version on nya.eu. They don't want work with video from youtube.com and make subtitles with their own hands, but we do. )


Aug. 27th, 2012 09:26 am
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I'm home.

But... )
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At first: it seems I'm mistaken and Winona didn't die in KataReki (after the battle she was revived by Carole).
My apologies.
I've really thougth that she died in prologue of the game.
This news made me being depressed. I want to write a fiction about Winona's feelings after their last battle and AU, where Winona comes to Klarth after his returning into The Past. But every time when I think about it, I'm depressed more and more.

At second: tomorrow we'll move from Moscow to Orel our cottage.
Children, anime, games, butterflies, apples, crisp air!
AND NO INTERNET! To tell the truth, I don't think that it's too bad.
Lol, actually I'm not sure about "anime and games". KataReki! KataReki indeed!))
We'll return autumn.

But now...
To pack up clothes, toys, tableware, my books and dictionaries...
And I have no time, absolutely!
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My scans, WIP and not full-size. =/

All illustrations of KataReki you can find here, all thanks to Eilon and Countercolette! *__*
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A summary of transcript of "Tales of Phantasia: Katararezaru Rekishi" - the novel about Dhaos and Four Heroes of The Past who defeated Dhaos at AC 4207: Winona Pickford, Edward D. Morison, Alan Alvein and Carole Adnade.
WIP, I think I will finish it this autumn.
Read this summary in Russian.
Something was summarised minutely, something very concisely. The summary has no many awesome details (actually, the novel needs a translation, not a summarising), if you want to know more - use transcript and http://translate.google.com or another site that can do machine translation.
There is no links for reading or downloading, you can find their here, and illustrations too. ♥
And sorry for my English.

Aaaand a summary of "Prelude" is avialable now! I've finally wrote it. After the "Act One", lol.
+ newest version of the transcript (some mistakes was corrected) too.

Read the summary. )

Act One - 4201 - Part 1
Read the summary of the First chapter. )

Tbc. =)

Edit: it seems I'm mistaken and Winona didn't die in KataReki (after the battle she was revived by Carole).
My apologies.
I've really thougth that she died in prologue of the game.
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Hatsisu has deleted all of her videos from nico-nico.
= /
I've saved it last winter, but...
- C'mon, Ginji, post it and put it out of your head!
- *sigh* Hai-hai, Noir-san...

And her birthday was a few days ago, someone from pixiv has painted an art with Dhaos and Winona for her, that why I know it.

Cuuuuuutest Dhaos, Winona, Dios, Meltia, Dio and Mel.))

And an original of this parody, Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2 OP under cut. I hope I will play it this autumn.
Read more... )

Something about [Albiore-V]'s activity )
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At first: Hello, [personal profile] countercolette!

And next fragment of the novel - the last fragment of Act One.
The relationship of Dhaos with Winona is so cute and adorable!

Katararezaru Rekishi - Act One - 4201 - Part 1. (6 of 6)

A summary of this fragment.
Read more... )

Txt-Version 1.0 [07.07.2012]
p075 (088) - p081 (094)
Read more... )

Download this fragment ~3Mb, scans + text of the novel (txt)
All chapters of the novel

Scans was edited a bit and all of the archives was renamed and reaploaded. I hope the scans are readable now.
If one want only links for downloading without my short spoilers - he/she can go to this mf-directory. Btw, I've upload the whole of the 1st chapter in one archive: Download the whole chapter, ~44MB.)
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The books finally has come to me!

Colored pages from "Shinku no Hitomi", a novel about Arche.

Shinon Hardia (a swordsman with silver hair, Arche's boyfriend, her reason for "adieu, meeting with Unicorn") looks awesome. *__* And Rhea is so cute!

I have a single funny thought now: How many pages! XD
I'll scan "Shinku no hitomi" and I hope to transcribe this novel too. After I'll have finished my work with KataReki, of course.
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Damn. It.
It was a dream.
Dhaos stands on a sea of blood. Winona is writhing in pain. "To rescue you and my world...". A darkness that engulfing him. "Sayonara. ...Winona..."
It was just a dream. Just Winona's prophetical dream. It was a dream.
I thought I'm becoming mad. But. It. Was. A dream.
.... Yokatta.

In this fragment of KataReki:
Read more... )

TOP Katararezaru Rekishi. 06. Act One - 4201 - Part 1. (5 of 6)
Txt-Version 1.0 [05.07.2012]

p063 (076) - p074 (087)
Read more... )

Download this fragment ~6Mb, scans + text of the novel
All chapters of the novel

And this "キミと、世界を救うために". It was about Winona? Or was it about Karion?

Lol, I'm an idiot. I've missed 2 pages when I was scanning the novel. And there is 6 parts in this chapter, not 5. Pffffff...
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Cooling system of my netbook totally broke down. Guys from a servis-center told it will be staying under the repair for a week-two-three-month...
I can use my old netbook now, but what about my work?! This netbook is too old for using PS, Finereader and an other programms.
And it was happens absolutely bad in time - I'm going to leave Moscow with my children and go to our cottage. A cottage, heh... A little wooden home with a 5 TV channel and without internet.
= /
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Sorry for short rendering for this long fragment, I didn't try translate the whole into Russian I have no time for it right now >__<" and can't retell it in detail.

A summary of this fragment.
Read more... )
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"Can't stop, untill I will have finished my work with illustrations." tte? Usotsuki desu ne, atashi. ))

I's not a whole next part, but I want post it right now. The whole part will be 15-20 hours later, when I have finished making of the transcript.

Winona told Dhaos about her past (10 years ago Winona was abandoned by her parents: they leave the child on a mountain road, abandoning Winona to her fate; when she was picked up by a circus troupe). She didn't speak about it, untill Dhaos began to question about her.

Read this fragment (jp) )

Oh, Winona... Her story... Poor girl. :( And that awesome girl!
And that Dhaos... Attentive, kind... How can he be so awesome too?!
And lollollollol.
If I read it somewhere else, I would have thought: "Oh... That's a lovely fanon...". Damn it, it's a CANON! XD
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I have no any new word from KataReki, though I work with KataReki every day.
And my skill of gimp-using has a level-up! A little bit. XD

- - - >

An old Elion's scan with Carole.

It takes so many time...
I want, I really want to work with the text of the novel, but I can't stop, untill I will have finished my work with illustrations. >__<"
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Don't remember, was it from google or from tumblr.

3.08 AM?.. Go bed to sleep?.. Don't know about it. XD
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Oh, my...
The next fragment... Dhaos, Winona! *_*
Sorry for my clumsy rendering. And it's not translation word for word.

TOP Katararezaru Rekishi. Ch 1. Act One - 4201 - Part 1. (3 of 6)
Txt-Version 1.0 [14.06.2012]

Winona, Dhaos and Rhea in Mitgard - summary. )

Winona, Dhaos and Rhea in Mitgard - japanese text )

Download this fragment ~8Mb, scans + text of the novel
Read rendering (russian) + japanes text
All chapters of the novel


Jun. 14th, 2012 08:16 pm
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"Act One" is divided into the 5 parts, not 6.
And who am I after this?
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In this part of the novel:
Read more... )

TOP Katararezaru Rekishi. Ch 1. Act One - 4201 - Part 1. (2 of 6)
Text Version 1.0 [12.06.2012] )

Download this fragment .rar, ~8Mb; scans + text of the novel (txt)
Read rendering (russian) + japanes text
All chapters of the novel

Aaaaand I want to say it: I LOVE Winona. She is really AWESOME!!!
Aaaand lollollol: she said him when she is making a couch for him: "Well, honey, it will your bed tonight". I used "honey", but I don't know, how translate "an-chan" into English correctly, it is shortening from "anta-chan": "anta" is familiar "you" + "chan". But say something like this to Dhaos... Oh, my... LOVELOVELOVELOVE


Jun. 10th, 2012 02:30 am
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DW does not know a long line and changes it into "— —" (that looks like japanese "1 1").
Any suggestion what can I use instead of "— —"?
Probably, "-------" is better?
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I have changed stile of my journal.
Lol, I want this theme be in my diary.ru-blog too!
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I still have did it.
I have scaned the next chapter, photo processing is really hard and takes more time.

Chapters in the novel are named "acts", like acts of play in theatre.
The "First Act" is divided into the 6 parts, there is the first of them.
In this part:
Winona Pickford - an archer of circus troupe, a pretty and cheerful girl (look at the illustration - her hands are unharmed.
Winona, after performance of her circus troupe in Mitgard, goes to search the Unicorn. She meets with Edward D. Morison, who knows Winona a few years. Then a middle-years man appears and speaks to Edward, Edward calls him "Jestona" Jestona in this moment looks like a human and it seems that they are not enemyes yet. Edward introduces Winona to Jestona. Than Jestona and Edward leave, Winona continues her searches alone.
Edward D.Morison is so cuuuuuute!

TOP Katararezaru Rekishi. Ch 1. Act One - 4201 - Part 1. (1 of 6)
Text Version 1.0 [09.06.2012] )

Download this chapter .rar, ~9Mb, scans + text of the novel (txt)
All chapters of the novel

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