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Birthdate:Jul 23, 1984
I'm Ay_16r, but you may call me Ay. =) Prononce [ai], but it's a long story. "16" is a region number of Tatarstan, a state where I was born. "r"="rus". An old tradition of russian hich-hikers: to add region number + "rus" (or "r") to their nicknames.
I'm from Russia, live in Moscow.
[Albiore-V] actually not my nickname, I use it when I'm sharing something.
I'm not good in English, sorry for this. But sometime bad English is better than good Russian. ))

I love "Tales of Series".
I have some problems with playing game of this series now, I can't say "hey, i've played and finished most of them", though I really love "Tales of". Now I mostly "watch" than "play".
But my children grow up now and one day the situation with gaming will be changed. ^__^

My fav are Tales of Phantasia, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Rebirth, Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2.)

I'm in:
tumblr | ay_16r | | VK | | myanimelist | mywishlist | rutracker | myanimeshelf

Я хочу повторить это на русском, но мне лень. ^__^
Думаю, кто дочитал до ссылок, и так всё понял.
Если что - меня нужно ловить на дайриках, я там постоянно зависаю, и весь мой флуд сливается туда, здесь почти только "тейлзы". Лол, там тоже почти только "тейлзы", только больше флуда и писко-визго-свуна. )
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