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Weather is wonderful: the air is cold, the wind is fresh and light, the sky is clear and blue, and the sun is so warm... Autumn! Though trees are still green, it's realy autumn! *__*
View from my balcony (today's morning).
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If you go to sleep at 21:00 when your children go bed, you have a chance wake up at 5:00.
And you can watch something beautiful in the morning.
Something like Interstella5555.
I'm not a fan of Draft Punk's music, but old anime stile is amazing!
Trailer of Interstella5555 instead of picspam. It's beautiful! )
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Hatsisu has deleted all of her videos from nico-nico.
= /
I've saved it last winter, but...
- C'mon, Ginji, post it and put it out of your head!
- *sigh* Hai-hai, Noir-san...

And her birthday was a few days ago, someone from pixiv has painted an art with Dhaos and Winona for her, that why I know it.

Cuuuuuutest Dhaos, Winona, Dios, Meltia, Dio and Mel.))

And an original of this parody, Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2 OP under cut. I hope I will play it this autumn.
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Something about [Albiore-V]'s activity )
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Cyber City Oedo 808 [1990]
OVA, 3 ep, ~45 min
Shiozawa Kaneto as Benten - one of main character.

Score: 10/10

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I didn't see this parody in yotube before and upload it now.
Without permission ets., of course.
Why nico-nico don't give an embed-cod?!

Author: MS.
Web: pixiv nicovideo

Download! (fanart + music video, .rar, 7.65MB)


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Dhaos, Winona, Dios and Meltia, Dio and Mel.

I smile each time I watch it.
They are so cute!
And I love the moment when sad lonely Katareki-Dhaos began smile when Winona appeared, and Winona began smile too. *__*

Amihan, I think you have not watched this music video, it was uploaded to the nico-nico few day ago.
And you know the Author! Do you remember AU-fanart from tegaki, our time Dhaos and Winona on the beach? ^__^

+2 video and fanart by Hatsisu and all links will be present later, perhaps this night (now in Moscow: 22.47) or tomorrow.

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