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Tales of Xillia 2 Perfect Guide / テイルズオブエクシリア2パーフェクトガイド
Catalog No.     NEOBK-1424160
ISBN         9784047287464
Release Date:     February 01, 2013

I’ve took a pics of the book and finally uploaded it. Not scan! But better than nothing, though. =)

Ch. 1 - SYSTEM
Ch. 2 - MAP
Ch. 4 - QUEST
Ch. 5 - DATA
Ch. 6 - EXTRA

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New year holidays are over. Finally.
Guests = relations who came to us every day, celebration of the New Year and Christmas (that was at Jan 7th in the Gregorian calendar that is used in the Orthodox Church), my aunt who lived with us last week, so much intercourse, so little my own free time...
This week was really good, but I so tired!

In spite of all that happend I was still able to do a foolish things. lol
That a stupid fangirl! XD
I saw some figeres and charms from Tales of Series Ichiban Kuji in Saku's tumblr, so... So I found the whole set of F-prize Rudogaaaaaaaaa! *___* and the whole set of H-prize Yuriiiiii! I'm not really an Yuri-fangirl, but that petit-figure is very cute, it's cutest than GSC nendroid-petit imho and his gase is so poignant. on yahoo and wrote my intermediary. But lol I contrived to confuse a links before buying and he buyed an incomplete F-prize! A Ludger-charm was not included! orz Bakabakabaka! Then the intermediary found the whole F-prize to me, of course. But I'll have 2 unnecessary charms (Jude and Elle). Idk what to do with them.

As a result I'm on the rocks now, so if I ask myself about a new earrings/jeans/ets this winter I'll say myself "Hey, you're an idiot, don't you like this charms and figures?". XD

Btw, if somebody needs something from Jp but he/she don't know how to buy it, I can give my intermediary's e-mail, this guy says he can work with Europe and USA as well. Goods from LalabitMarket or prizes from yahoo (if it's not a single petit figure/charm) can be purchased at a lower price than the same on ebay.
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The same pose. Tne same gaze.

Bamko, why din't you give her a voice? = [
I guess it should sound like Mirald's voice.
Neeeed Drama CD.

And Rowen write a mail in his GHS so fast! Wow! Cause he has an intensive training since that time when he wrote a first mail to Marcia lol.
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I can't post TOX-scans into namco_tales. Looks like my SUMMER entry with scans of Katararezaru Rekishi has not been rejected. It is STLL NOT passed moderation.
Hey, what's going on?!
Icons-posts and sell-posts are allowed immediately but posts with scans are not allowed at all?
Moderator of the community didn't answer my letters that I've sent him last summer. = [
Any ideas how to help with it, please?

And TOX2 Wold Guidance is preorderable now. I'm waitig it on amiami or hlj to preorder.
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They are so adorable!
"Milla Episode 2" is very cute, in spite of she had punch him again.
Only yersterday I didn't think I could ship Ludger with somebody, but now I love them as a couple. And I like how she take notice that his necktie was loose. It was like a family scene.

TOX2 spoiler )
Bamco, you are very cruel with all of them!

Yeah, I still watch the game, not play.
And I have to write a post about everything that was happend, but I have no time now. One day I will. )

P.S.: Woodnyaw-cat has Gaius's voice. lollollol

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