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I've finished transcribing of the Tales of Xillia Short Story; Side Wingull from the TOX Fan's Bible. Asakfdjgh jhkfdjhg Nils!!!
I do not think I am able to write a good summary, at least, not right now. My Japanese is VERY bad, so... It is just a script. But more than nothing.

It is a story about Rein Londau (Wingull) and his close friend Nils Freeden.
About their childhood and the battle of Faizabard. About Rein's father's death and the conversation with Gaius on a hill before the cancelled battle in Mon Highlands, when Rein desided that Londau tribe had surrender to Gaius and then he became his subordinate and took the name "Wingull".
The story about booster research, about Wingull's desire to take a great power in his arms and about the booster experiments in the Liberi Research Institute.
About Elise Lutus and the time when Nils had met her in the Institute, took an interest in her and became her friend.
About the events happend a year before the game, when Nils died defending Elise and other children from the Institute.

Rein Londau, Nils Freeden
Wings of Reminiscence

Download (scans + script) rar, 26MB
Scans online: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07

Read the whole script of the Short Story )

P.S.: Please, let me know, if you found any mistakes!

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