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My netbook has broken down. Again.
I name it "Rein" when it'll be restored. lol In Russian it sounds "riin" anyway.

Idk how can I fininsh the transcript of the "Side Wingull", it's a pain to do something with my old netbook.
Oh, Nils, I'm sorry. (
But, thanks to Iseabail, I've post the first 3 pages of the story yesterday (that entry wasn't shown on Reading Pages cause it was incomplete): read p.1-3.

Edit: the transcript of the p. 4 done, posted in comments. So much Gaius-ingull and Nils-Wingull! 
Follow the link. =)
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New year holidays are over. Finally.
Guests = relations who came to us every day, celebration of the New Year and Christmas (that was at Jan 7th in the Gregorian calendar that is used in the Orthodox Church), my aunt who lived with us last week, so much intercourse, so little my own free time...
This week was really good, but I so tired!

In spite of all that happend I was still able to do a foolish things. lol
That a stupid fangirl! XD
I saw some figeres and charms from Tales of Series Ichiban Kuji in Saku's tumblr, so... So I found the whole set of F-prize Rudogaaaaaaaaa! *___* and the whole set of H-prize Yuriiiiii! I'm not really an Yuri-fangirl, but that petit-figure is very cute, it's cutest than GSC nendroid-petit imho and his gase is so poignant. on yahoo and wrote my intermediary. But lol I contrived to confuse a links before buying and he buyed an incomplete F-prize! A Ludger-charm was not included! orz Bakabakabaka! Then the intermediary found the whole F-prize to me, of course. But I'll have 2 unnecessary charms (Jude and Elle). Idk what to do with them.

As a result I'm on the rocks now, so if I ask myself about a new earrings/jeans/ets this winter I'll say myself "Hey, you're an idiot, don't you like this charms and figures?". XD

Btw, if somebody needs something from Jp but he/she don't know how to buy it, I can give my intermediary's e-mail, this guy says he can work with Europe and USA as well. Goods from LalabitMarket or prizes from yahoo (if it's not a single petit figure/charm) can be purchased at a lower price than the same on ebay.
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Weather is wonderful: the air is cold, the wind is fresh and light, the sky is clear and blue, and the sun is so warm... Autumn! Though trees are still green, it's realy autumn! *__*
View from my balcony (today's morning).
Here )

If you go to sleep at 21:00 when your children go bed, you have a chance wake up at 5:00.
And you can watch something beautiful in the morning.
Something like Interstella5555.
I'm not a fan of Draft Punk's music, but old anime stile is amazing!
Trailer of Interstella5555 instead of picspam. It's beautiful! )


Aug. 27th, 2012 09:26 am
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I'm home.

But... )
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At first: it seems I'm mistaken and Winona didn't die in KataReki (after the battle she was revived by Carole).
My apologies.
I've really thougth that she died in prologue of the game.
This news made me being depressed. I want to write a fiction about Winona's feelings after their last battle and AU, where Winona comes to Klarth after his returning into The Past. But every time when I think about it, I'm depressed more and more.

At second: tomorrow we'll move from Moscow to Orel our cottage.
Children, anime, games, butterflies, apples, crisp air!
AND NO INTERNET! To tell the truth, I don't think that it's too bad.
Lol, actually I'm not sure about "anime and games". KataReki! KataReki indeed!))
We'll return autumn.

But now...
To pack up clothes, toys, tableware, my books and dictionaries...
And I have no time, absolutely!

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