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New music video by Hatsisu: Dhaos, Winona, Dios, Meltia, Dio, Mel, Norn, Martel, Cruru and Rondoline. Download.
It's a funny video, but it most funniest if you can read Japan.
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And Dhaos with a fish + Secundes by Hatomane! Download lol
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I had to sleep last night, but... Anyway, now we have all permissions of different translators who maked a subtitles for TOS OVA-3 ep2! Now we can translate it into Russian!
I have to finish a sub's timing tonight and await a script from our translator, then we can shared it.
Can't say it is a nice deed, but I don't know how long a team who subbed "The United World ep 1" will be waiting a soft-sub version on nya.eu. They don't want work with video from youtube.com and make subtitles with their own hands, but we do. )
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Hatsisu has deleted all of her videos from nico-nico.
= /
I've saved it last winter, but...
- C'mon, Ginji, post it and put it out of your head!
- *sigh* Hai-hai, Noir-san...

And her birthday was a few days ago, someone from pixiv has painted an art with Dhaos and Winona for her, that why I know it.

Cuuuuuutest Dhaos, Winona, Dios, Meltia, Dio and Mel.))

And an original of this parody, Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2 OP under cut. I hope I will play it this autumn.
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Dhaos, Winona, Dios and Meltia, Dio and Mel.

I smile each time I watch it.
They are so cute!
And I love the moment when sad lonely Katareki-Dhaos began smile when Winona appeared, and Winona began smile too. *__*

Amihan, I think you have not watched this music video, it was uploaded to the nico-nico few day ago.
And you know the Author! Do you remember AU-fanart from tegaki, our time Dhaos and Winona on the beach? ^__^

+2 video and fanart by Hatsisu and all links will be present later, perhaps this night (now in Moscow: 22.47) or tomorrow.

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