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I've watched "Thor" yesterday, thanks to Amihan. ))
Yeah, I'm slowpoke, I know. XD
Anthony Hopkins and the elders of Asgard - *__*

The next will be "Avengers", I think. After "Aquarion".

BTW, I've learned that "Sacred 3" was announced as PS3-game (besides PC) and "Sacred 2" was realised for PS3 platform to. Good news! It's means I'll finish the 2nd (I've dropped it a year ago, becouse our PC placed in the room where our children were sleeping and I couldn't play at night) and play 3rd in 2013-2014.
Anyway I'll bying PS3 for TOX, so why not.

Now I going to assault The Tower of Druaga. I don't how how many floors I can walk through in a 2 hours until my children will wake up.
I have to finish TOD next weak, though I'm not sure in my capability to this, lol.
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Weather is wonderful: the air is cold, the wind is fresh and light, the sky is clear and blue, and the sun is so warm... Autumn! Though trees are still green, it's realy autumn! *__*
View from my balcony (today's morning).
Here )

If you go to sleep at 21:00 when your children go bed, you have a chance wake up at 5:00.
And you can watch something beautiful in the morning.
Something like Interstella5555.
I'm not a fan of Draft Punk's music, but old anime stile is amazing!
Trailer of Interstella5555 instead of picspam. It's beautiful! )
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Cyber City Oedo 808 [1990]
OVA, 3 ep, ~45 min
Shiozawa Kaneto as Benten - one of main character.

Score: 10/10

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Tales of Phantasia The Animation (BD 1280x720 x264 AAC)

And creditless OP-ED!

Before this I had only dvd-rip (720*480). >__<'


And Tales of Symphonia - The United World Episode (eng sub)
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