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A summary of transcript of "Tales of Phantasia: Katararezaru Rekishi" - the novel about Dhaos and Four Heroes of The Past who defeated Dhaos at AC 4207: Winona Pickford, Edward D. Morison, Alan Alvein and Carole Adnade.
WIP, I think I will finish it this autumn.
Read this summary in Russian.
Something was summarised minutely, something very concisely. The summary has no many awesome details (actually, the novel needs a translation, not a summarising), if you want to know more - use transcript and http://translate.google.com or another site that can do machine translation.
There is no links for reading or downloading, you can find their here, and illustrations too. ♥
And sorry for my English.

Aaaand a summary of "Prelude" is avialable now! I've finally wrote it. After the "Act One", lol.
+ newest version of the transcript (some mistakes was corrected) too.

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Act One - 4201 - Part 1
Read the summary of the First chapter. )

Tbc. =)

Edit: it seems I'm mistaken and Winona didn't die in KataReki (after the battle she was revived by Carole).
My apologies.
I've really thougth that she died in prologue of the game.
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At first: Hello, [personal profile] countercolette!

And next fragment of the novel - the last fragment of Act One.
The relationship of Dhaos with Winona is so cute and adorable!

Katararezaru Rekishi - Act One - 4201 - Part 1. (6 of 6)

A summary of this fragment.
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Txt-Version 1.0 [07.07.2012]
p075 (088) - p081 (094)
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Download this fragment ~3Mb, scans + text of the novel (txt)
All chapters of the novel

Scans was edited a bit and all of the archives was renamed and reaploaded. I hope the scans are readable now.
If one want only links for downloading without my short spoilers - he/she can go to this mf-directory. Btw, I've upload the whole of the 1st chapter in one archive: Download the whole chapter, ~44MB.)
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Damn. It.
It was a dream.
Dhaos stands on a sea of blood. Winona is writhing in pain. "To rescue you and my world...". A darkness that engulfing him. "Sayonara. ...Winona..."
It was just a dream. Just Winona's prophetical dream. It was a dream.
I thought I'm becoming mad. But. It. Was. A dream.
.... Yokatta.

In this fragment of KataReki:
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TOP Katararezaru Rekishi. 06. Act One - 4201 - Part 1. (5 of 6)
Txt-Version 1.0 [05.07.2012]

p063 (076) - p074 (087)
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Download this fragment ~6Mb, scans + text of the novel
All chapters of the novel

And this "キミと、世界を救うために". It was about Winona? Or was it about Karion?

Lol, I'm an idiot. I've missed 2 pages when I was scanning the novel. And there is 6 parts in this chapter, not 5. Pffffff...
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"Can't stop, untill I will have finished my work with illustrations." tte? Usotsuki desu ne, atashi. ))

I's not a whole next part, but I want post it right now. The whole part will be 15-20 hours later, when I have finished making of the transcript.

Winona told Dhaos about her past (10 years ago Winona was abandoned by her parents: they leave the child on a mountain road, abandoning Winona to her fate; when she was picked up by a circus troupe). She didn't speak about it, untill Dhaos began to question about her.

Read this fragment (jp) )

Oh, Winona... Her story... Poor girl. :( And that awesome girl!
And that Dhaos... Attentive, kind... How can he be so awesome too?!
And lollollollol.
If I read it somewhere else, I would have thought: "Oh... That's a lovely fanon...". Damn it, it's a CANON! XD
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Dhaos, Winona, Dios and Meltia, Dio and Mel.

I smile each time I watch it.
They are so cute!
And I love the moment when sad lonely Katareki-Dhaos began smile when Winona appeared, and Winona began smile too. *__*

Amihan, I think you have not watched this music video, it was uploaded to the nico-nico few day ago.
And you know the Author! Do you remember AU-fanart from tegaki, our time Dhaos and Winona on the beach? ^__^

+2 video and fanart by Hatsisu and all links will be present later, perhaps this night (now in Moscow: 22.47) or tomorrow.

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