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Альбом: Tales of Phantasia: Katararezaru Rekishi

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Downloading only
Summary only
Katareki's illustrations

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Scans was edited a bit and all of the archives was renamed and reaploaded. I hope, the scans are readable now. Btw, you can download the whole of the 1st chapter now.


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Edit: it seems I'm mistaken and Winona didn't die in KataReki (after the battle she was revived by Carole).
My apologies.
I've really thougth that she died in prologue of the game.
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Oh, well, I finally started it.
I don't know, when I will have finished work with the last page of the novel - it takes 30-60 min for page, I have no so many free time.
But someday, someday! =)

Katararezaru Rekishi - Ch0. Prelude

The first chapter has 6 pages, in this fragment: Winona's death and Dhaos's defeating in the Past.
Oh, my... *crying*

UPD (09.07.2012) Aaaand a summary of "Prelude" is avialable now!
+ newest version of the transcript (some mistakes was corrected) too.

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[TOP] Katararezaru Rekishi. 01. Prelude
Txt-version 1.2 [09.07.2012]

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Download this chapter ~3Mb, rar, scans + text of the novel (txt)
Read this summary in Russian
All chapters of the novel


May. 30th, 2012 03:16 pm
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Every time after I've post a comment or sent a letter, I re-read it and think: "How can I do this egregious mistakes?!".
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Cyber City Oedo 808 [1990]
OVA, 3 ep, ~45 min
Shiozawa Kaneto as Benten - one of main character.

Score: 10/10

ay_16r: It's me. )) From russian hitchhiker's gathering (hippy)
This Drama-CD Maxi-Single is really awesome and very-very funny.

Cless Alvein side.
Dhaos and Cless.

Chester Birklight side.
Dhaos VS Chester
Poor Dhaos... And that Chester!

And Drama-CD about Mint, Raizen and a girl from Mitgard - *__*

UPD: Ninja-Dhaos?!

I love Suzu, and this Drama is my absolutely favorite from the maxi-single.

# 025.

Jan. 25th, 2012 09:50 pm
ay_16r: Tono Takaki from "Byousoku 5 Centimeter ". (Tono)
Megaupload is dead.
Mediafire and yotu.be are still alive, but the situation is absolutely horrible.
I'll upload to narod.yandex.ru, probably.
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His wife or "a women who served Dhaos"?
I belive they were married, but I can't prove it.
Today I listened the Drama-CD about Dhaos's death again and there is something interesthing in this Drama-CD.

She called him "anata-sama".
This word means "you".
I read about this pronoun in few articles; and my friend, who learns Japanese, told me that her teacher (the Japanese) asked her students do not use this word when they speaking with males, becouse of another semantic sense of this pronoun.

Japanese wife uses this pronoun, when she is speaking to her husband, instead of call his name. ))

UPD: But probably I'm mistaken and it's only a polite pronoun...
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Tales of Phantasia The Animation (BD 1280x720 x264 AAC)

And creditless OP-ED!

Before this I had only dvd-rip (720*480). >__<'


And Tales of Symphonia - The United World Episode (eng sub)
Asjklgfd dfhksdjfh hfjdksfd!!!
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RAW-scans are slightly wry.
Gimp, gimp and gimp.
5-10 hours of work with gimp, I think.
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About green guide-book from this post.
I have found this guidebook on the Ru-Tracker (russian bittorrent tracker) today, LOL.

Download: megaupload mediafire (.zip, .pdf, 131.5 MB)

I don't know who has scaned the book and can't credit him. (
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I have scaned a little from of the "Tales of 15th Anniversary".
Not quite good... Not quite bad...
But I don't want destroy the book.
However, I will rescan some first pages, Dhaos-page too.

And wait.
Chibi-Sekundes (on the last scan) looks like as Katareki-Dhaos? ♥
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I didn't see this parody in yotube before and upload it now.
Without permission ets., of course.
Why nico-nico don't give an embed-cod?!

Author: MS.
Web: pixiv nicovideo

Download! (fanart + music video, .rar, 7.65MB)


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Dhaos, Winona, Dios and Meltia, Dio and Mel.

I smile each time I watch it.
They are so cute!
And I love the moment when sad lonely Katareki-Dhaos began smile when Winona appeared, and Winona began smile too. *__*

Amihan, I think you have not watched this music video, it was uploaded to the nico-nico few day ago.
And you know the Author! Do you remember AU-fanart from tegaki, our time Dhaos and Winona on the beach? ^__^

+2 video and fanart by Hatsisu and all links will be present later, perhaps this night (now in Moscow: 22.47) or tomorrow.
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Books brought today.
*run on the ceiling*



Helmi Jarvinen!
I'm glad to meet you here so much!
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Fansub by Akiba-Subs

Download engl (1920*1080, 69.13MB)
Download jp (1280*720, 47MB)


Dec. 28th, 2011 12:15 pm
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