Jul. 8th, 2012

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At first: Hello, [personal profile] countercolette!

And next fragment of the novel - the last fragment of Act One.
The relationship of Dhaos with Winona is so cute and adorable!

Katararezaru Rekishi - Act One - 4201 - Part 1. (6 of 6)

A summary of this fragment.
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Txt-Version 1.0 [07.07.2012]
p075 (088) - p081 (094)
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Download this fragment ~3Mb, scans + text of the novel (txt)
All chapters of the novel

Scans was edited a bit and all of the archives was renamed and reaploaded. I hope the scans are readable now.
If one want only links for downloading without my short spoilers - he/she can go to this mf-directory. Btw, I've upload the whole of the 1st chapter in one archive: Download the whole chapter, ~44MB.)
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Hatsisu has deleted all of her videos from nico-nico.
= /
I've saved it last winter, but...
- C'mon, Ginji, post it and put it out of your head!
- *sigh* Hai-hai, Noir-san...

And her birthday was a few days ago, someone from pixiv has painted an art with Dhaos and Winona for her, that why I know it.

Cuuuuuutest Dhaos, Winona, Dios, Meltia, Dio and Mel.))

And an original of this parody, Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2 OP under cut. I hope I will play it this autumn.
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