Jul. 5th, 2012

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Damn. It.
It was a dream.
Dhaos stands on a sea of blood. Winona is writhing in pain. "To rescue you and my world...". A darkness that engulfing him. "Sayonara. ...Winona..."
It was just a dream. Just Winona's prophetical dream. It was a dream.
I thought I'm becoming mad. But. It. Was. A dream.
.... Yokatta.

In this fragment of KataReki:
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TOP Katararezaru Rekishi. 06. Act One - 4201 - Part 1. (5 of 6)
Txt-Version 1.0 [05.07.2012]

p063 (076) - p074 (087)
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Download this fragment ~6Mb, scans + text of the novel
All chapters of the novel

And this "キミと、世界を救うために". It was about Winona? Or was it about Karion?

Lol, I'm an idiot. I've missed 2 pages when I was scanning the novel. And there is 6 parts in this chapter, not 5. Pffffff...
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The books finally has come to me!

Colored pages from "Shinku no Hitomi", a novel about Arche.

Shinon Hardia (a swordsman with silver hair, Arche's boyfriend, her reason for "adieu, meeting with Unicorn") looks awesome. *__* And Rhea is so cute!

I have a single funny thought now: How many pages! XD
I'll scan "Shinku no hitomi" and I hope to transcribe this novel too. After I'll have finished my work with KataReki, of course.

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