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At first: it seems I'm mistaken and Winona didn't die in KataReki (after the battle she was revived by Carole).
My apologies.
I've really thougth that she died in prologue of the game.
This news made me being depressed. I want to write a fiction about Winona's feelings after their last battle and AU, where Winona comes to Klarth after his returning into The Past. But every time when I think about it, I'm depressed more and more.

At second: tomorrow we'll move from Moscow to Orel our cottage.
Children, anime, games, butterflies, apples, crisp air!
AND NO INTERNET! To tell the truth, I don't think that it's too bad.
Lol, actually I'm not sure about "anime and games". KataReki! KataReki indeed!))
We'll return autumn.

But now...
To pack up clothes, toys, tableware, my books and dictionaries...
And I have no time, absolutely!

Date: 2012-07-15 04:15 am (UTC)
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I was wondering about that: CounterColette said she was just knocked out, but she has outright admitted that her memory is spotty, so I let it go. Well, at least she's alive!

And yes, I want to write a fic about that too! It would actually make a good lead-up to a fic I'm already writing, but I need to finish it first XD So depressing...

Hey, all those things sound awesome! XD You can sacrifice internet for such things.

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