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A summary of transcript of "Tales of Phantasia: Katararezaru Rekishi" - the novel about Dhaos and Four Heroes of The Past who defeated Dhaos at AC 4207: Winona Pickford, Edward D. Morison, Alan Alvein and Carole Adnade.
WIP, I think I will finish it this autumn.
Read this summary in Russian.
Something was summarised minutely, something very concisely. The summary has no many awesome details (actually, the novel needs a translation, not a summarising), if you want to know more - use transcript and http://translate.google.com or another site that can do machine translation.
There is no links for reading or downloading, you can find their here, and illustrations too. ♥
And sorry for my English.

Aaaand a summary of "Prelude" is avialable now! I've finally wrote it. After the "Act One", lol.
+ newest version of the transcript (some mistakes was corrected) too.

"Prelude" is a first half of the end of the novel, yes, we are reading about KataReki's end in Katareki's beginning. "Prelude" - AC 4207, "Act One" - AC 4201. Winona looks like different, than she looks like in Act One and colored illustration.
Actually, all that happens in the "Prelude" happens without naming names: Dhaos is "a male", Winona - "a women-warrior", Edward - "a magician", Alan - "a swordsman", Carole - "a methodist". But I'll use their names in the summary.

At the beginning of the novel, after a short preamble about the world and a war against daemons, we see a scene that happens a few minutes before the scene of Dhaos' defeating in the begining of the game.
Dhaos stands on the opposite side a fighter (Winona Pickford - a women with crossbow, she has a metall prosthesis in place of her right hand). A swordman (Alan Alvein), a methodist (Carole Adnade) and a magician (Edward D. Morison) await at the entrance of the mausoleum.
Winona asks Dhaos come back, he answers that now he is not only an enemy of humanity. Winona is injured. (before the last meeting with Dhaos?
Edward, Alan and Carole are ready to fight, but Winona, who knows all about him, who forgives him, lingers. Daos sees the expression of doubt on her face.
Dhaos: I think... I saw her now... That girl.
As if a women, who stands in front of Dhaos, was not a imperturbable warrior, who went through a war, as if she was a girl, who dreams about her beloved.
Winona: "All happend because of Jestona! It's his fault!"
Dhaos: "But... But now..."
Edward is preparing for using a spell. Dhaos consentrating power in his hands, but he clenches his fists without attack.
Winons: "Yes! But now is too late! Nothing can be restored! Please! Die here! Lets finish it!"
Edward attacks Dhaos. It looks like a Fire Storm.
Winona: Stop it!
But Dhaos is safe and sound.
Dhaos: You bastard! It was "Kisama-a-a-a-a!". And, I'm sure, it was 100% Shiozawa Kaneto's voice. KataReki's Dhaos is Shiozawa Kaneto's Dhaos, not Morikawa Toshiyuki's.
Alan and Carole advance to the attack too. Carole helps Winona to stand up.
Dhaos attacks them. It looks like he used a Dhaos Laser... Ka?..
Winona falls down. Dhaos speaks to her:
- Thank you for the kind year, - and he smiles sorrowfully.
Than he turns towards Edward.
- Since you are not giving up, I'll become a Daemon King, that you, humans, calls me. I will wipe the humanity off the face of the earth, I'll pick up the Great Seed. I chose rescuing of my dying world. Die! A silly lower beings!
Edward going to attack Dhaos.
The end of first half of the novel's "Prelude".

Act One - 4201 - Part 1

Winona Pickford - an archer of circus troupe, a pretty and cheerful girl (look at the illustration - her hands are unharmed.
Winona, after performance of her circus troupe in Mitgard, goes to search the Unicorn. She meets with Edward D. Morison, who knows Winona a few years. Then a middle-years man appears and speaks to Edward, Edward calls him "Jestona" Jestona in this moment looks like a human and it seems that they are not enemyes yet. Edward introduces Winona to Jestona. Than Jestona and Edward leave, Winona continues her searches alone.
Winona goes to the White Forest ?.. Or it was another place? Howewer, it was in the same area. to meet with the Unicorn, she has not find him, but still prays him for something in this fragment she don't tell, what she want.
She sees a golden-orange radiance, and goes to look for it. She see an old castle on the north island probably, it will become Dhaos's castle in The Past?, near the castle she is attacked by winged daemons and she hides in the castle. For some time they are pursuing her, then has disappeared.
Winona sees somebody, who looks like a human, and he goes to Winona. Oh, yeah, very tall, golden hair and beautiful face - do you know him? =) She aims her crossbow at him, but he loses consciousness.
Winona: O_o
Winona takes him away somehow, and they stay near a rocks to take a rest (he still not regained consciousness). After she thinks about this man, about elves, and something else. I think, she was sleeping in this moment.
It takes a week to return to Midgard. All this time he does not come to consciousness, and all this time Winona takes care of him.
At last they return to the INN, where were staying Winona's circus troupe, and he says unconsciously "....Kharlan?....".
Next day Winona goes to the rehearsal, she is warring about that man, and a leader of the troupe allows her return to the INN. But he is not in the INN.
Winona find him on the bridge.
In the dead of night, he stays on the bridge, long golden hair is streaming in the wind, he peers into the night sky and try to find something among the distance stars. =,(
Winona hails him:
- What are you doing, huh? You leave the INN without any word of gratitude to your benefactor! It's not good, brother. She said "ni-chan" = "elder brother"+chan, I don't know, how to say it in English.
- ... Who are you?
- Who am I? I'm your benefactor!
- Benefactor? .... My?.. I've never met you before.
Winona was embarrassed. Then he asks her who she is, what is this town and what has happend. Winona answers him.
- I see... What's why you are my benefactor.
- Well... I'm not... I...
- You cared of me, a stranger. Thank you for it. I will remember this forever.
He bowes the knee in front of Winona.
- W-wait... You shouldn't do it... I'm sorry...
The man rises to his feet and and says:
- My name is Dhaos.
Then he looks at the sky again and not reacts when she calls him return to the INN.
She goes to the INN alone, but she looks back at him and collides with a girl. The girl dropps some small things and Winona helps her pick up it. A man, who is sitting with another two person in a carriage that was laden with luggage (Scarlets and, may be, Demeter), calls this girl:
- Rhea, hurry up!
Then the girl goes to her father, their carriage leaves Mitgard.
- Lady Winona. Are you not returned to the INN? He sayd "Winona-dono", I'm not sure in my translation of this word into English.
- I... Well... Um...
Winona follows the carriage with her eyes.
- Don't call me "lady", please. Call me Winona.
And Winona takes his hand and leads him to the INN, time to time she turnes after the carriage.
Dhaos stays with Winona and her circus troupe. The circus troupe is separating for a something like a vacation.
Winona tells Dhaos about her crossbow (something about a Dwarves) and circus troupe. But he worries that she has some problems with returning into her motherland because of him and Winona tells about her past.
10 years ago Winona was abandoned by her parents: they leave the child on a mountain road, abandoning Winona to her fate; when she was picked up by a circus troupe. She didn't speak about it, untill Dhaos began to question about her.
Winona meets with Edward D. Morison, then she shows him Dhaos, Morison sees that Dhaos is not a human and questions him rather unceremoniously. Dhaos don't answer him. Then Edward was gone, Dhaos tells her about saving his nation and the Great Seed, rather vaguely. Dhaos feels unwell, he is very weak and depressed now.
And the last pages, it is something about an armed attacks on the Valhalla Plains, that Dhaos and Winona has see in Mitgard.
Winona agrees to collaborate with Edwards in his researches.
Dhaos and Winona know about Iggdrasill in the Forest of Spirit and they are going to Euclid with the circus troupe across the sea. On the see he is feeling better. Winona don't leaves him.
She sees a scary prophetical dream about Dhaos: Dhaos stands on a sea of blood; Winona is writhing in pain; "To rescue you and my world... I'm going to another side.". A darkness from an old castle is engulfing him. "Farewell. ...Winona...".
After this dream she is afraid to sleep. Dhaos worries about Winona.
Winona asks him one day: at which side he is? He don't understand her question, but she laughs and stops the talk.
Winona with Daos and her circus troupe arrive to Venezia, then they go to Hamel. Dhaos is well now.
In Hamel Winona meets with Rhea, girls are glad to see each other. Dhaos let Winona go to take a walk with Rhea, he smiles and speaks something like a "friends are important".
Dhaos hurries Winona to go to the Forest of Spirit and they goes together. In the forest Winona admires beautiful woods, but Dhaos feels infused and goes away through a woods and brushwood. Winona looks for Dhaos, she finds him in front of a great tree. Dhaos sees Iggdrasill, but he is depressed. He kneels down. Winona asks him about the tree, he tells that "this is Kharlan undoubtedly", abode of seirei a Spirit, but the Tree and the Spirit going to die, like the Tree and the Spirit of his own world.
Winona hugs him to comfort him, but in her heart of hearts she is glad that he don't return into his world.
Then they return to Hamel.

Tbc. =)

Edit: it seems I'm mistaken and Winona didn't die in KataReki (after the battle she was revived by Carole).
My apologies.
I've really thougth that she died in prologue of the game.
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